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Finally, a comprehensive COBRA administration and compliance solution.

COBRA requirements are much more burdensome than many people realize, and one small misstep can expose employers to costly penalties set forth by the Department of Labor. That’s just one reason why choosing a trusted COBRA partner is so important.

Our comprehensive COBRA solution delivers a reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective method for administration and compliance of many of your COBRA obligations. Relieve yourself of the burdens associated with COBRA tracking, notifications, and billing -- Ameriflex will take care of that for you.

As an added benefit, our team of COBRA and compliance specialists is available to provide you with advice and guidance when it comes to difficult COBRA determinations and special circumstances.

The Ameriflex Advantage

From implementation to ongoing, day-to-day operations, our COBRA support is unparalleled.

As an Ameriflex customer, we can guarantee that you’ll receive the following award-winning services:

  • Dedicated Client Experience Specialist for all employers, regardless of group size
  • Dedicated COBRA participant call center
  • Administration of all required notifications, billings, and collections as regulated and enforced by the DOL and the IRS
  • Seamless EDI feed capability links with current payroll system for a one-step process
  • Self-service platform makes it easy for employers to enter events, generate reports, and monitor COBRA administration, 24/7
  • Secure COBRA platform allows participants to pay premiums online
  • In-house compliance team with over 45 years of combined experience
  • Indemnification
  • Customizable pricing options available for all groups with 20+ participants
  • Open enrollment support
  • Retiree and individual subscriber billing services


Retiree Billing & Premium Pay Services

From employment to retirement, our customizable billing and premium pay services automate the eligibility tracking and billing of special plan participants and retirees. Our best-in-class billing services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your company and your people, no matter how basic or complex. Experience greater peace of mind knowing your retirees and employees have an easy way to pay for their healthcare!

Employer Perks:

  • Dedicated service and support from a Client Experience Specialist (no additional cost)
  • Hands-free billing, collection, and remittance of premiums to employer
  • Ameriflex can notify carriers, clients, and brokers directly of any enrollments, terminations, and accounts changes (adding/removing dependents, change of address, etc.) at no additional cost

Retiree/Employee Perks:

  • Dedicated support from Ameriflex Participant Services team
  • Premium payments can be made via ACH withdrawal, online through COBRApoint, or by check/money order

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