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Hassle-free claims reimbursement.

Are you the first person your employees contact if they have questions about the status or reimbursement of a claim? You may not realize how many hours of your week you spend answering questions and addressing frequent concerns. With MyPlanConnect, you can remove that constant frustration and free up time in your day for what really matters.

MyPlanConnect is an additional feature you can add to your FSA program. It connects your employees' FSA transactions with their insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOB). If the card transaction matches the employee's EOB, MyPlanConnect will prepare the claim and allow the employee to request reimbursement without the need to submit additional documentation. This saves emplyers time by reducing questions regarding claims and the number of challenges regarding claim eligibility.

How does MyPlanConnect benefit employers?

  • Fewer questions to field

  • Fewer challenges regarding claims eligibility

  • Happier employees

How does MyPlanConnect benefit employees?

  • Quicker reimbursements

  • Fewer requests for supporting documentation

How does it work?

Step 1: Your employees connect their insurance plans.

Step 2: Our system pulls data and pre-fills forms.

Step 3: Claims are automatically prepared and evaluated!

Get in touch with us, and you’ll be on your way to a more convenient claims reimbursement process.

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