Participant Videos

Flexible Spending Account

Get to know the benefits of a tax-advantaged Flexible Spending Account for medical expenses.

Health Savings Account

Learn about the triple-tax advantage of an Ameriflex Health Savings Account.

Health Reimbursement Account

HRAs are employer funded, which means you don't pay anything when your employer offers an Ameriflex HRA.

Dependent Care Account

Save thousands on childcare or dependent adult care with an Ameriflex DCA.

Commuter Reimbursement Account

Save up to 40% on your daily commuting expenses with an Ameriflex CRA.

Limited Purpose FSA

With an LPFSA you can save up to 40% on dental and vision expenses and you'll still be eligible to contribute to your Health Savings Account.

2019 Open Enrollment Presentation

In this presentation we cover everything you need to know before opening an FSA, HSA, HRA, Limited Purpose FSA, Dependent Care, or Commuter Reimbursement Account.

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