Protecting Your FSA The Ameriflex Way

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are one of the most popular benefits savings vehicles for employers and employees. However, some employers hesitate to offer an FSA for fear of losing money at the end of the plan year. It’s a valid concern!

We have your solution: The Ameriflex Guarantee.

How it Works

The Ameriflex Guarantee maximizes the value of your FSA plan and reduces potential loss at the end of the plan year. In the event that total annual claims exceed total annual employee contributions, you can file a claim with us to recoup the amount of the net aggregate plan-year loss. It’s that easy – your loss becomes your gain! Who is Eligible? All Ameriflex FSA clients are automatically covered by the Ameriflex Guarantee at no additional cost. You hold your FSA plan to a high standard of compliance, and the Ameriflex Guarantee is our way of demonstrating our commitment to helping you maintain those high standards.

Get Started

If you have any questions about the Ameriflex Guarantee, please contact your Sales Manager or email us at
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