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Ameriflex CEO to Speak at Healthcare Leadership Conference on Future of Healthcare

“4mul8” Brings Together Healthcare Executives and Influencers to Discuss Trends Shaping the Industry

JULY 5, 2017

MIAMI, Fla. - As Americans wait to see whether or not the U.S. Senate will move forward with a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a group of healthcare industry leaders will be meeting, to discuss the future of the industry and the millions it will impact.

The annual “4mul8” event is an exclusive meeting for healthcare’s most influential thought leaders, executives, and regulatory experts, all dedicated to the common mission of identifying and solving the myriad of challenges facing the industry today.

Brian Melanson, the founder of the conference, hopes the group can unite together to change healthcare for the better. “Our attendees are a highly-diverse group of leaders and thinkers,” says Melanson. “[And with this event] we’ve created an environment that drives new ideas and passionate dialogue.”

Among the participants at this year’s conference will be keynote speaker and Ameriflex CEO William Short. Short, who is also a founding partner of the healthcare payments company Accresa, has overseen the growth of Ameriflex into one of the largest third-party administrators of consumer-driven health care benefits in the U.S. “I don’t know if I am a leader in the industry but I do enjoy constantly thinking about how to improve the healthcare experience in this great nation,” says Short. “I truly believe the way to solve the ills of our healthcare system is aligning the incentives of all the stakeholders via efficient, direct payments.”

Short says in order to solve problems we need to first understand them from all angles. “It would be extremely difficult to accurately solve the care delivery problem if one does not speak to a leader from that vertical,” says Short. “This conference provides that opportunity to bring all stakeholders together to hear the real issues and hopefully provide the opportunity to bring about real change.”

The 4mul8 Conference will be held at the EPIC Hotel in Miami, Florida. It begins Tuesday, July 18 and runs through Thursday, July 20. William Short will be delivering his keynote speech at 1:30 pm on Wednesday, July 19.

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