10 FSA-Eligible Items You Could Be Missing Out On

What you already know

You are likely aware that, as a part of your benefits package from your employer, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) contributions can be used to cover doctor visits (preventative, primary care, and specialists) and prescriptions.

What you may not know

But you may not realize that your FSA dollars can also cover ten other commonly-used products and services. When you save for these items tax-free using your FSA, it's like getting a 30 percent discount on:

  • Dental services - including orthodontics
  • Vision products and services - such as LASIK
  • Therapeutic services – including physical therapy and chiropractic care
  • Diagnostic procedures – including labs, scans, and imaging
  • Mental health services – including psychiatric care, therapy, and counseling
  • Medical supplies – including bandages, crutches, and wheelchairs
  • Alternative treatments – such as acupuncture
  • Fertility treatments – such as IVF, or birth control products
  • Baby care items – such as breast pumps
  • Long-term care – including nursing services

What are your needs?

Will you, your spouse, or your dependents be using these services this year or in the future? If you're not using your FSA to save for these items, you may be missing out on a fantastic opportunity to save.

Not sure if your expense is FSA-eligible? Find out here.

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