Call Me, Maybe: 3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Calling Your Dedicated Ameriflex Client Experience Specialist

With most folks tethered to their smartphone, laptops, or tablets nowadays, it’s hard to remember a time when we communicated to one another only by talking -- not texting or emailing.

At Ameriflex, we want to make it cool again for our clients to talk on the phone, and here are the 3 reasons why.

#1 We like talking to you....and we’ll show it.

Our Client Experience team is more committed than ever to provide you with friendly, responsive service. All of our Specialists are coached to deliver our platinum standard of service which you’ll find is personal, easy, reliable, and clear.

Plus, we realize our role is to help you navigate the often complex world of health benefits, and we are happy to walk you through that world to make it a little easier to understand.

#2 We hate voicemail...

And we’re guessing you probably hate it too - especially when you want something answered quickly so you can move onto the next thing on your mile-long To-Do list.

We understand that as human resource professionals you have a lot on your plate and your customers are your employees.

With that understanding, we implemented a call triage system that will almost always guarantee your call gets answered during our business hours by your dedicated Specialist or a member of his/her team. We average only 10-20 calls going to voicemail each week.

Our goal is not just to pick up the phone every time you call, but get you the answers you need the first time you call. We coach our Specialists to ask, “Is there anything I can assist you with?” rather than “Can I take a message?”

#3 But if you do leave us a voicemail, you’ll hear from us in 59 minutes or less.

Like we said, we really hate voicemail...but sometimes we do step away from our desks to enjoy eating BBQ at our annual summer picnic or when it’s time to embarrass ourselves by throwing gutter balls during our company bowling event.

In those instances when your Client Experience team may be away, you can expect to receive a call back from your representative within 59 minutes or less, at least 80% of the time. Our team is currently responding to voice messages 88% of the time in under 59 minutes.

Clients are noticing and loving our commitment to responsiveness and getting you what you need when you need it.

Now, don’t feel like you can’t still email us whenever you want. You’ll still get the same level of service if you called. But before you hit send on your next email, try calling us….maybe?

Have a question to ask or just want to speak with one of our friendly representatives? We love talking with people! Get in touch with us here.