Crafting the Customer Experience

Consumers come across service experiences day in and day out, often times without ever realizing it. An example of such an interaction can be observed when online retailers recommend additional “items you may like.” This is a form of proactive customer service simplifying consumer lives. However, technology cannot stand alone; some consumers still long for direct communication as a way to talk through issues or questions.

As Director of Member Services, my goal is to make it easy for our participants when they need to get ahold of the Member Services Team via phone, email, or online chat. Achieving this goal can be done in a variety of ways, especially with consumers being accustomed to their everyday service experiences (such as restaurants and retail outlets). Over the past year and a half, we have worked to integrate these everyday service experiences into the Member Services Department. Doing this allows Ameriflex to provide our participants with a hand-crafted, artisan experience at the speed of a fiber optic internet connection.

As consumers, we want things fast yet personalized. In the contact center environment, we want each participant to have a positive experience they can share with their coworkers and friends. This service differentiates Ameriflex from other contact centers consumers have become accustomed to. 

How does Ameriflex accomplish this in our Member Services Department? By training our representatives on empathy, tone, critical thinking and empowerment, we ensure the best possible experience to our participants. Our training has a scenario-based focus that targets the root of our callers’ concerns. These scenarios parallel outside service practices experienced by our representatives with Ameriflex products.

In turn, we have created a custom experience our participants have come to expect from us. In order to complement this experience during peak hours, as well as answer calls as quickly as possible, we have utilized technology such as the call-back feature. This gives participants the option to get a prompt call back instead of staying on hold. Another successful feature is the online chat tool; this award-winning functionality has experienced growth over time and is a great avenue to answer questions quickly without requiring a phone call. Listening to customer feedback has played a critical role in improving our service process, enhancing our claims support channel, and creating a more efficient back office.

We understand that our participants have busy lives with their work and family matters; we focus on the important things so that they don’t have to worry about a medical payment, coverage, or how a claim should be paid.

This is the mindset we have every day with every participant interaction.

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