The MyAmeriflex App Can’t Read Your Mind (Yet), But It Can Read Your Finger!

Accessing the MyAmeriflex App is as easy as the touch of a finger!

With the help of touch ID technology, now you can login to the MyAmeriflex App using your fingerprint. Touch ID provides a faster, more convenient way to access your account by eliminating the need to enter a password each time you open the app.

To get started, make sure touch ID is enabled on your phone. This can usually be done in your mobile app settings. Simply save your username on the sign in screen of the MyAmeriflex App. After signing in, you will be presented with the option to enable touch ID. You can view your touch ID status, or disable it at any time via the ‘settings’ screen.

New to the MyAmeriflex Mobile App or need a refresher? Download our Getting Started Guide for a detailed overview of the app!

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