Want to help more companies with their health benefits? Start with Tofu.

Every good construction project starts with bedrock, or the solid rock beneath a layer of soil, because it’s the best place to build the foundation. Imagine what would happen if a skyscraper was built on pillars that rest on loose soil rather than bedrock? Disaster.

If employees are the bedrock of every organization, then it’s logical to say that benefits are the bedrock of the employee experience. Without great employee benefits, recruiting and retaining talented folks isn’t going to work.

But managing the employee experience is a challenge for HR directors because they have to juggle between managing costs and creating a benefits package that will keep their employees happy and healthy.

This is where you step in and help.

As a broker, you’re a vital partner in helping HR departments navigate through the tough waters of health benefits.

Remember, you’re not simply selling health benefits; you’re helping provide:

  • A healthier workforce,
  • Lower employee turnover,
  • Higher employee productivity,
  • Greater job satisfaction,
  • Better use of capital, and
  • Enhanced recruiting

As Forrest Gump would say, “That’s Good.”

You help your clients because you care -- about a real live person.

You know better than anyone that a career as a broker can be challenging; it’s a crowded field and competition is fierce. The number one reason why you’re not helping as many clients as you would like, is that you’re not presenting proposals to as many clients as you would like. No duh, Rob.

First, let’s get down to brass tacks. You’re dealing with real people and with human emotions, needs, and desires. Developing and managing more relationships—purposeful relationships—is the first step to adding more opportunities into your funnel. The more relationships you build and maintain, the faster you grow your book of business.

To help you increase the number of relationships you create/aka opportunities, we’ll focus on the first of three primary areas of the sales process. And to illustrate it, we’ll borrow a term from our marketing friend: TOFU.

  1. TOFU: Top of funnel (Buildling Relationships)
  2. MOFU: Middle of funnel (Discovery)
  3. BOFU: Bottom of funnel (Enabling a Decision)

Image Source: Dream-Logic.com

Let’s start by defining TOFU (Hint: I’m not talking about the weird, edible soft white blocks). According to Adam Steinhardt, CEO for The Kingdom, TOFU, or Top of funnel, is about introducing your company to the customer and explaining how you help them. TOFU is all about educating your customer, not so much closing a deal. In this phase of the sales process, building relationships with the right people is key1.

The number one takeaway is to remember to develop and maintain your relationships with both highly-qualified potential clients, as well as with potential strategic partners and existing clients (referrers). In every instance, for these relationships to work, it’s essential they understand these things about you:

  1. That you are extremely knowledgeable,
  2. That you are trustworthy; (your intent is to create value for them, not extract value from them, and that you keep your commitments), and
  3. That they sense an emotional connection with you.

If any of these areas need work, start here first. Covey’s book, The Speed of Trust, is a great resource. Or, you can always get in touch with us directly if you have any questions.

1 https://www.thekingdom.com.au/knowledge/the-sales-funnel-tofu-mofu-bofu-explained