We Met With Industry Experts to Discuss Fixing Healthcare: Here’s What We Learned

Last week, our team, along with our friends at Accresa and Baylor Scott & White Health, hosted the first-ever Summer of Solutions event in Dallas, Texas. The whole idea behind the event was to gather industry experts--everyone from CEOs, business owners, and physicians, to HR professionals, hospital networks, and benefit brokers--together into one room to discuss how to fix healthcare.

Ameriflex/Accresa CEO William Short discusses Direct Primary Care

With the amount of buzz and new legislation around healthcare recently--like President Trump’s Executive Order to improve healthcare price transparency--it was the perfect time to have a conversation about how people can utilize emerging solutions, like Direct Primary Care and the new Individual Coverage HRA, to make access to healthcare easier and more affordable for millions of Americans.

With over 100 people in attendance, it’s clear that people are eager to learn and engage with other folks from within and outside their industries around this ever-important topic.

Summer of Solutions attendees talking about all things healthcare

Why is healthcare so complicated?

In front of an energized group, Ameriflex EVP of Revenue Kevin Burgess kicked off the afternoon with a story about his son. He shared that the week before, his son had an accident that severely hurt his foot. Not knowing where to go or what to do, Kevin’s son went to a clinic and was referred to another clinic, which led him to another physician, which resulted in multiple phone calls with his health insurance company to figure out how much his treatment would cost. Exhausted and over it, Kevin’s son asked him, “Dad, why is this so complicated?”

Ameriflex Executive Vice President of Revenue, Kevin Burgess, shares his story

Pretty relatable, right? This story was a great example of why we should figure out how to make this stuff less complicated and really set the tone for the remainder of the event.

Direct Primary Care: The Next Big Thing

The first speaker of the day was our very own William Short, CEO of Ameriflex and Accresa. In his presentation, William talked about Direct Primary Care, an innovative payment model for primary care that builds a strong relationship between the patient and primary care physician.

Empowering this relationship, William said, is the key to achieving super health outcomes, lower costs, and an enhanced patient experience.

Having fun talking about Direct Primary Care

You can view and download William’s Direct Primary Care presentation slides here. If you want to learn more about Accresa, the company that’s enabling Direct Primary Care for physicians, employers, and consumers across the nation, go here.

Cyndi, Direct Primary Care expert and Accresa allstar

Baylor Scott & White Health: The Future of Employer/Patient Centric Care

Our keynote speaker, Trent Hadley, CFO of Baylor Scott & White Alliance, spoke about the importance of making the healthcare experience personalized and engaging for patients. He took audience members through a series of fictional personas, like Millennial Millie, and how Baylor Scott & White Health tailors the experience to better reach people based on their individual preferences/circumstances. It was fascinating and reinforced the importance of combining the right technology and service to remove friction for patients and give them more control of their medical care.

Trent Hadley with Baylor Scott & White Health

Trent ended his presentation talking about how Baylor Scott & White uses Direct Primary Care and their partnership with Accresa to improve the patient experience. Here are a few key highlights:

A full room of people who want to fix healthcare

All-Star Panel Discussion with Catalyst, Allied National, and Diamond Physicians

One of the biggest highlights of Summer of Solutions was a panel discussion comprised of some of the best minds in healthcare. The panel included Jeff Lawrence, Executive Director of Catalyst; Dan Meylan, National Sales Director of Allied National; Dr. Durani of Diamond Physicians; and Bart McCollum, President and CEO of Ameriflex. Talk about a legendary group!

From left to right: Dan Meylan, Dr. Durani, Bart McCollum, Jeff Lawrence.

Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and hear each panel member’s unique perspective on various healthcare topics.

Our favorite moment from the panel discussion was when Bart said, “I’m up here to be the eye candy.” Well said, Bart...well said.

Bringing it to a close with The Triple Threat to Healthcare

Last but certainly not least, Ameriflex Senior Counsel Donna Wilkinson led an amazing CE/SHRM course on Individual Coverage HRAs, Direct Primary Care, and healthcare regulatory changes that affect the industry greatly. It was a great opportunity for people to not only learn about recent and upcoming changes, but how to embrace them to be more successful.

You can watch a replay of the presentation here.

Final Thoughts + Resources You Can Use

People are tired of the status quo and want to fix healthcare. There are enough smart people in and outside the healthcare industry to make this happen. But it starts with a conversation. Our hope for Summer of Solutions was to kick off the first of many conversations about how to stir change to solve problems that American healthcare consumers are facing every day.

What an honor it was to have such a great turnout, including leaders from Baylor Scott & White Health, Anthem, Texas Instruments, Aon, Willis Towers Watson, Catalyst, and other companies we admire.

We are excited to be a part of the movement to fix healthcare and would love for you to join us. If you didn’t get to attend Summer of Solutions but you’re interested in joining the conversation, please reach out to us. And be on the lookout for similar events coming soon.

Until then, get in touch with us so we can keep the conversation going.

To download resources from Summer of Solutions, click the links below.

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