Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

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A win-win savings solution for both employers and their employees.

A healthcare flexible spending account (FSA) is a smart and easy way for employees to save money while protecting themselves from the high cost of medical bills. Because FSAs are set up as a tax-advantaged account, participants can save up to 40% on thousands of eligible everyday expenses*. The best part for employers? Since contributions are taken out pre-tax, the taxable incomes of those that participate are reduced -- providing employers with a tax-saving opportunity equal to that of the tax on the employee’s payroll deduction.

Additionally, FSA accounts allow employers to enhance their benefits package by offering an appealing, money-savings solution, helping you recruit and retain highly-talented employees.

* Eligible expenses include those related to medical, dental and vision that are not covered or previously reimbursed by an insurance plan. We have provided a comprehensive list here, and participants can also shop eligible expenses online through the FSA Store here.

Why Ameriflex? Because we make healthcare easy.

We make plan design and administration a breeze so that employers can focus their time where it matters most -- building their business.

When an employer partners with Ameriflex, they will receive:

  • Protection from year-end plan loss through the FSA Guarantee® -- a promise no other vendor comes close to

  • Dedicated Client Experience Team to guide them through the implementation process

  • Dedicated Client Experience Specialist to serve as an advocate for duration of plan, regardless of group size

  • Real-time reporting capabilities

  • Easy-to-use online enrollment tool

  • Divisional reporting capabilities

  • Electronic data transfer capabilities (EDI)

  • Connection to their current HRIS or other enrollment system at no additional charge

  • Support for multiple tax-advantaged accounts (making us your one-stop-shop for any savings or spending account offerings)

  • Optional administration of $500 rollover

  • Discrimination testing and compliance support included at no additional charge

  • Open enrollment support to help educate your employees

What is the FSA Guarantee®?

Many employers can be intimidated by the thought of their employee’s FSA elections being available to use on their card on day one of the plan year, before any payroll deductions have occurred. Let us put that fear at ease, because we’ve introduced the FSA Guarantee® for all FSA plans to ensure your costs are reduced.

In the event that total annual claims exceed total annual employee contributions, employers have the option to file a claim to recoup the amount of the net aggregate plan year loss.


Happy employees = a happy employer. That’s why we provide the following perks for all employees who enroll in an FSA plan:

  • MyAmeriflex Card for employees and qualified dependents (free replacement for lost or stolen cards!)

  • If an employee participates in multiple plan accounts, a single MyAmeriflex card for all savings/spending accounts

  • Customizable messaging alerts (including balance reminders) via email or text

  • Limited substantiation requests (only 20% of transactions require any documentation -- we automate at least 80%)

  • Access to highly-trained Participant Services Team via phone, email, and online chat

  • Online claims submission available 24/7 by logging into MyAmeriflex or through our mobile app

  • Instant access to our eligible expense list

  • Exclusive promotions and discounts on FSA-eligible items through FSA Store partnership

  • Identity theft and restoration protection included at no additional charge for all Mastercard cardholders

  • 24/7 balance info via IVR, the mobile app or by logging into MyAmeriflex

  • Express claim form for dependent care accounts, eliminating the hassle of repeated manual claims submissions

  • Access to past plan year information and our FSA Calculator so they can plan for future plan years


Here's an example of just how much an employer can save by implementing an FSA plan. To calculate your specific savings, try out our FSA Employer Savings Calculator!

This scenario assumes the following:

  • Number of Eligible Employees: 50

  • Average Salary Per Employee: $50,000/year

  • Average Premium Paid Per Employee: $900/year

  • Average FSA Contribution: $2,000/year

  • Percent Expected to Enroll in FSA: 20%

Multiple, easy-to-use options for access and account management of your employees’ FSA funds.

Quickly and conveniently pay for eligible expenses, without the hassle of filing a manual claim. With the MyAmeriflex Card, participants can access their FSA funds instantly when they swipe their card at eligible merchants. In most cases, this eliminates the hassle of having to verify the eligibility of an expense later on.

Convenience and award winning customer-service – right at your fingertips! With the MyAmeriflex Mobile App, participants can access their account from anywhere. Check balances, file a claim, or check on the status of a reimbursement, all from their mobile phone.

Account management just got easier. By logging into MyAmeriflex, participants can gain access to resources aimed at helping them maximize the value of their FSA plan. In addition to managing all aspects of their accounts, they can also access interactive how-to’s, spending calculators, and more.

We Make Benefits Easy.

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