Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit a recurring day care claim?

Yes. Unlike healthcare FSAs, which are fully funded at the beginning of the plan year, dependent care accounts (DCAs) are funded as you make contributions. This can make it somewhat monotonous and tiresome waiting for funds to accrue so that you can claim your funds, but our DCA solution makes reimbursements a breeze by setting up one claim at the beginning of the plan year.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete your Claim Form as normal.
  2. Under Dates of Service, enter the start and end dates of the projected period of time for which you wish to claim. If you are claiming for the entire plan year, enter the start and end dates of your plan year.
  3. Under Amount Requested, enter the entire projected amount of the expense over that period of time. If you are claiming for the entire plan year, enter the entire amount of your annual election.
  4. Have the provider sign or provide their stamp in the space provided. This eliminates the need for any further documentation. If you cannot obtain your provider’s signature or stamp, you’ll need to provide some documentation of the projected expense from the provider, such as a tuition/rate schedule. This documentation must meet the same standards as documentation of any other day care claim, such as Tax ID, type of service rendered, etc.
  5. Submit your claim (and additional documentation, if necessary) to Ameriflex. Upon approval, we’ll issue an immediate reimbursement for the available accrued amount in your DCA account.

Going forward, every time you make a payroll contribution, it will automatically be reissued as a reimbursement until the plan year ends, or the entire amount of the claim is satisfied. Want to make it even easier? Complete a direct deposit authorization, and we’ll deposit the reimbursements directly into your bank account. This must be done prior to submitting the recurring claim.