Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request reimbursement for my orthodontia expenses?

You can request reimbursement for orthodontia expenses by submitting the Ameriflex Claim Form. You may also be able to pay the provider directly using your MyAmeriflex Card.*

In either case, you must provide Ameriflex with a copy of the financial agreement/contract from the orthodontia provider, which must include all­ of the following necessary information:

  1. Total cost of treatment
  2. Amount covered by insurance
  3. Down payment amount
  4. Installment payment amount and frequency (Monthly/Weekly/Other)
  5. Date treatment begins/began and estimated length of treatment

If you are financing your orthodontia treatment through a third-party lender, you’ll need to provide your agreement with them, in addition to the treatment plan/worksheet from your orthodontia provider. No matter your financial arrangement, Ameriflex must have all of the above information (1-5) in order to review your orthodontia claim.

If everything regarding your orthodontia claim is in order, your claim will be processed and your reimbursements will be approved according to your employer’s policies and the terms of your orthodontia provider's financial contract. If, by chance, the terms of your financial agreement change (payments increase/decrease, treatment time becomes shorter/longer, etc.), Ameriflex must receive documentation of such changes with any affected future claims.

*All transactions made using your MyAmeriflex Card are subject to review and may require the submission of further documentation after a card transaction has occurred. Successful completion of a financial transaction using the MyAmeriflex card does not constitute approval of the expense in compliance with IRS regulations, employer polices, or any other pertinent laws, regulations, or policies. Misuse of the MyAmeriflex card may result in temporary suspension or permanent termination of card privileges.