Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my MyAmeriflex Card to pay my day care provider?

Possibly. If your day care provider accepts debit cards and is set up with certain parameters that meet IRS compliance guidelines, you may be able to use your MyAmeriflex Card to pay your provider directly. However, this option is up to the day care facility and the parameters they have in place.

If your provider is unable to accept debit card payments, you will need to submit a manual claim for reimbursement. If you do submit a manual claim, you can do so only one time! Please complete the online claim form by logging into MyAmeriflex or filling out our Manual Claim Form. Follow the instructions and submit the form with a provider stamp/signature, and we will take care of your reimbursements as they become available.

Want to get reimbursed faster? Make sure to sign up for direct deposit!