Ameriflex Employees Volunteer to Help Feed North Texas Families

Ameriflex Employees spent their afternoon on Tuesday Helping the North Texas Food Bank fulfill its mission of feeding North Texas families.

"In order to get the things done that have to be done, there's no way we could ever do it with just eight employees, so we rely on these volunteers to come in here and help us out," says Rod Gentile, a Production Manager with the North Texas Food Bank.

Ameriflex employees helped count, organize and box food that will be distributed to hundreds of families across North Texas.

"Volunteering our time, it feeds the spirit," says Ameriflex Client Experience Specialist, James Williams.

"We're like a family, especially within Participant Services, we work closely together eight hours a day, sometimes more," says Ameriflex Participant Services Representative Kayli Nesbitt, "So getting to work with them outside of the office, it's great, and just to see them, they are all smiling, nobody is complaining, everybody is just in the spirit so it's really good."

But this is more than just an opportunity to help feed North Texas families, for the Ameriflex employees, it's an opportunity to connect with one another.

"This actually brings the company together, in terms of volunteering, giving our time to our community, making a real impact," says Williams.

North Texas Food Bank Production Manager Christian Spikes says the help of volunteers like Ameriflex is what allows the North Texas Food Bank to help families in need. "Here on the production floor there's only six of us, so, without the volunteers we really couldn't do anything," says Spikes.

For Ameriflex employees, the spirit of giving is just something that has been woven into the fabric of the company. "I've been working at Ameriflex for like four or five months now, working at Ameriflex is just like a family environment," says Participant Services Representative Lakeivin Winston, "It's safe, you feel great, you want to come to work. If they really like to group together and help people I feel like this will be the place for them."

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