MyAmeriflex Mobile App

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One-touch account management.

The MyAmeriflex App lets you access and manage your account anywhere you go, 24/7. Designed to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle, the MyAmeriflex App is perfect for situations when you’re away from home and need to pull up your Ameriflex account quickly and securely.

Now Featuring Touch ID Access!

Access your account details safely and securely, without memorizing yet another password. Touch ID is now available for iPhone users who have fingerprint-access enabled within their settings.

Check your balance

Next in line at the pharmacy, but not sure if you have enough money in your MyAmeriflex account to cover the purchase? Quickly and conveniently view your real-time balance through the app.

File a claim

Snap a picture of your receipt, upload it to the app, and file your claim in a matter of minutes. It’s really that easy. See you later, paper claims!

Check the status of a claim

Say you have submitted a claim, but can’t get to a phone to call and check the status. Get a snapshot of all of your pending claims, as well as the expenses they are associated with, instantly through the app.

Mark your card lost or stolen

If your card is lost or stolen, you can instantly mark it lost/stolen through the app. While there’s never a convenient time for this to happen, we have made it as easy as possible to notify us so that your safety and security are never compromised.

See what all the hype is about.

“I love that I can take a picture of the receipt of services rendered! I was not looking forward to finding all of the receipts and mailing or faxing them in.”

-- 5 Star Review - Google Play
(August 31, 2016)

“Great app! This app makes my life just a little bit easier.”

-- 5 Star Review - App Store
(January 21, 2017

“Convenient and easy. Great app that’s easy to use and makes submitting claims a breeze.”

-- 5 Star Review - App Store
(December 1, 2016)

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